mail server while using from outlook gives this error 0x80042109

We are using mdamemon as our mail server and we are hosting it ourselves. Since last few days, i am having problems to send mail using outlook as it takes longer time than before and gives this error 0x80042109. While i use world Client,which is web mail, there are no problems at all.
While i try resolving it, i found the following errors from the log :
“Connection timed out! SMTP session terminated (Bytes in/out: 6028/585)”

Is there a way to look into these errors? Please help.


AFAIK 0x80042109 means Outlook just cannot connect to your SMTP server.
See SMTP settings in Outlook and check connectivity to that host / IP and port (e.g. with telnet).

Source : Link , Question Author : de.walkar , Answer Author : Vadim

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