Mac Address automatically changed [closed]

In a network many servers and workstations and cameras DVR are working together but any instant the MAC address of one server (ip- and DVR (ip which have different MAC address, was automatically changed and make same.The ping status of that server and DVR is break. connectivity is down
what I do?


The 48 bits of Media Access control (MAC) are supposed to be unique. Always.

This means that two NICs on the same network can always be distinguished by their unique MACs.

If you purposefully break this by giving multiple NICs the same MAC then things will break.

Solution: Never use the same MAC. (And usually,Never bother changing it. A MAC is like an unique serial number. The manufacturers make sure that you get this unique number per device. There is no good reason why you should ever need to change that.)

Source : Link , Question Author : dharmendra Saxena , Answer Author : Hennes

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