Linux Postfix Setup on a fresh VPS [closed]

I’ve launched a new VPS with CentOS 5. It’s pretty skeletal, nothing setup.

I’m trying to configure my mail server to handle my email:

My DNS settings live on I have set up a contact name under the MX settings (not sure if that is correct) that points to the mail server ( Is that correct? or should it point to

So that’s the first thing, the second is setting up my server to handle mail.

Should I be using postfix for my mail server? At that, I’m a bit confused on setting this up. I’ve set myhostname and mydomain but still no luck.

I’d appreciate any tutorials and help, thanks!


First off, the MX record should point to whatever server is listening for incoming SMTP traffic. If you’re planning to have your VPS handle mail traffic, then the MX record should point to it.

Second, the job that you’re considering using postfix for is called a Message Transport Agent (MTA). There are lots of options listed at that link; postfix is perfectly valid but may be a bit overwhelming for a first-timer.

I wonder though; are you trying to run a mail server for production use, or to learn how to set one up? There are lots of tutorials for setting up postfix if you’re trying to build knowledge, but if you’re planning to use this in production, you’re probably better off going with a hosted solution like Google Apps or GoDaddy’s email service. Mail is tricky and hard to do right.

Source : Link , Question Author : Atticus , Answer Author : Handyman5

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