Liferay cluster with SAN storage with ext3 [duplicate]

I’m deploying an liferay portal in a cluster which has 2 node load balanced, and config both to access to the same data location in a SAN storage devide. The problem is each node can not see the other changing, i.e when node 1 add new image, node 2 can not find this image without mounting the san devide.
So, any one ever successfully deployed a cluster like this.
I’ve found one solution is GFS2, but I want to use ext3, because it very simple.


You can’t use a shared block device with a non-cluster filesystem without data corruption. Either use a storage backend that is accessible with e.g. NFS from both nodes or invest the work to set up a cluster file system.

Source : Link , Question Author : supper aban_89 , Answer Author : Sven

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