Is there a dedicated server that is legal to ping frequently with a massive number of devices? [closed]

I have thousands of devices and all of them need to have some kind of communication pass through them every couple of seconds to stay active. Pinging is sufficient for keeping the devices active. Are there any public servers that are available for devices to freely ping without the risk of facing legal ramifications?


I wouldn’t be so concerned about legal ramifications here as I would about the server just going away.

Use your own server for this, and if at all possible, make sure the devices are pinging a DNS name, not an IP directly. This way, you can easily change the IP without having to go and modify each and every device out there.

All things considered, pings (in their default configuration) do not consume much bandwidth, and even with thousands of devices pinging, a tiny VPS would suffice.

Source : Link , Question Author : Guest13531 , Answer Author : EEAA

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