Is it possible to use planet scale load-balanced virtulisation? [closed]

there are more and more implementations of distributed-virtualisation. A common one is Microsoft SCVMM.

Currently, such things are kept inside LANs, and a san or fiber-channel system is used for fault-tolerance (It often store VM’s RAM with realtime update). Given that a part of the data need very high band-width network storage, I’m aware it would require a special and high-cost contract with the ISP.

The point of my question is : Given that there is some part of allocation by range, is it possible for virtual machines running inside a such infrastructure to get an accessible public IP address?
If yes, would it be also possible with IPV6?


I think you have some fundamental gaps in your understanding of how virtual machines work:

  • Distributed virtualisation? What? SCVMM/vSphere are not distributed virtualistion, they are just virtualisation managers.
  • Your comments about FC are irrelevant to your actual question?
  • Yes, virtual machines can and often do get non RFC-1918 IP addresses that are routable on the internet.
  • Apart from link-local addresses, there’s not really any such thing as a non-routable IPv6 IP address. So yes, of course it can get a routable IPv6 address

Source : Link , Question Author : user2284570 , Answer Author : Mark Henderson

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