Is it possible to install a virtual machine under Linux that looks like a Windows machine to IT? [closed]

I’m on a corporate network with a homogeneous Windows setup for all Dell workstations. They use KBOX to manage the workstations. I want to set up my machine to run several VMs under Linux instead, but they’re concerned that this will make them unable to manage the workstation with KBOX, resulting in having to eventually wipe it and install the standard Windows workstation on this machine.

Is it possible to set up this Dell workstation with Linux so that they can still manage it? E.g. with a virtual Windows install. Including letting them shut it down and start it, install Windows updates, firmware upgrades, etc.


What you should do is describe your needs to IT and see if they can work with you on this. You can run VMware Workstation or even the free VMware Player and make VMs under the corporate Windows load.

Source : Link , Question Author : Apocalisp , Answer Author : Skyhawk

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