Is Firmware OS Independent? [closed]

Normally when I buy a PC laptop the first thing I do is update the BIOS via default Windows install, and then blow away Windows with a fresh Linux (Fedora) install.

That’s the case now, just bought a Dell Precision M4700, updated the BIOS and now, seeing a bunch of firmware updates via Dell support site, am not sure if it’s worth the bother (i.e. if supplied firmware will only benefit a Windows OS).

So, is firmware independent of OS? If yes, then presumably a Linux install can take advantage of the firmware updates.



In general, I try to keep firmware updated to the released level of that the manufacturer distributes. I especially try to apply any CRITICAL firmware releases. It IS worth the bother to keep up-to-date and out of trouble.

Source : Link , Question Author : virtualeyes , Answer Author : mdpc

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