IPv6 connections from outside the LAN are timing out; what is blocking the connection?

as I understand with ipv6 there is no NAT so every client on a network will get a different public ip address (so there is no need for port forwarding). so I checked on my network and indeed every computer has a different public ipv6 address which I can ping and ssh to from inside the local network.
But when I try to access the address from outside the network (either ping6 or ssh) the connection times out.

Is my local machine blocking the connection or my router or my isp?


If you can connect to the internet from your local machine, the issue should be on the router.
For security reason, it is not good to let direct access from internet to your local machines, except if you know what you are doing. To prevent attack and scans.
As IPv4 you can have local IPV6 addresses and be connected to internet throw NAT that is still a good configuration.

Source : Link , Question Author : Timothy Werquin , Answer Author : John Hill

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