Intel server hardware failure; does not work [closed]

I have a rackmount server from INTEL that suddenly stopped working. The model is SR2400SYSD2. The server was functional and was shut down normaly for relocation. After being connected again it refuses to function at all. Both VGA ports (back and front) send no signal to any connected monitor. The LEDs on the keyboard do not shine. The thing is that when the power switch is pressed the server power-cycles normaly. I have openned the chassis and everything is in place. Please help.


Have you tried reseating the various cards in the system to make sure everything has good contact? I especially look at checking the RAM, this is usually what gets a little loose and needs to be reseated in order for the system to actually POST.

It sounds like the power to the system is fine, but it’s not posting. So check the RAM, maybe the CPU sockets and see if that helps.

Source : Link , Question Author : dsljanus , Answer Author : Brent Pabst

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