Install Samba on Windows 7 [closed]

I’m trying to install samba on windows 7. However, I can’t seem to find a windows version of the source to install it with. Does anybody have a link to a windows version or a way to hack the linux version to work on windows?


The reason I am trying to install samba on a windows machine is because I plan to use it as a DNS/DHCP server as well as a domain controller on a windows 7 machine. I want to do this with open source products if at all possible. If anybody has another way to do it, it would be appreciated. Thanks.


This will never work since the native Windows bits that Samba emulates are impossible to turn off. If you need to build a domain controller, you’ll have to do it with Linux+Samba or Windows Server. These days those are the only choices.

Source : Link , Question Author : bkrupa , Answer Author : sysadmin1138

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