Install Oracle Drive and TNS for Windows XP?

I am building a box with Windows XP with some applications. One application requires connection to an Oracle database on remote. I have installed OracleXEClient.exe from Oracle download. The installation does install “Oracle Provider for OLE DB” driver.

My problem is that I still cannot make connections to the remote Oracle db. The test I have done is to create a UDL file with Oracle provider OLE DB connection. The error message is:

Microsoft Data Link Error
Test connection failed because of an error in initializing provider. ORA-12154: 
TNS:could not resolve the connect identifier specified

I think I may miss TNSNAMEC.ora in the box. I can find this file from another box where Oracle connection works fine. I am not sure what package I should install (from Oracle) so that the default TNSNAEMES.ora will be installed with related files and setup path for accessing the TNS file?

Not sure if I can just copy the TNSNAMES.ora and add the dir to environment PATH, manually?


Oracle XE client does not have a tnsnames.ora.

To connect using the odbc use the instructions on this page

or, as Gary said,
c:>sqlplus /nolog

SQL> connect user/pwd@ should work as well.

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