In a domain, how does one transfer files from one PC to another? [duplicate]

I googled it and all I got was how to transfer files from one domain to another domain.

Say I have two PCs, one running windows server 2008 and the other running Windows 7, they’re connected via a LAN, and they’re part of the same domain.

How do you send a file from one PC to the other?

Why the heck isn’t there some simple function where you right click a file and select send?


With the computers in the same LAN and Domain, it’s pretty easy.

  1. Share a folder on the destination system using Right mouse-click -> Share with… (or Properties -> Sharing – for more advanced options).

  2. Connect to that folder from the source system.
    I like to just do:


For instance Start -> Run -> \\Q7D opened this window:
Shared folders on network host Q7D

You will see the shared folder and can open it or map a drive letter to it.

Then use a command line copy or drag and drop to copy the file.

If you have a drive letter mapped to a shared folder you can use Right Click on a file and Send to.enter image description here

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