How unlikely it is that 2 SSD disks in a RAID 1 crash and how to recover from it? [closed]

How unlikely is it that a mirrored raid of 2 ssd drives fail together. (Both sector 0) unreadable.

Me is told that ssd generally never breaks. So that both break at same time seems unique.

What are chances of recovery when I get the drives shipped to me since even rescue systems won’t recognize (centos plesk server)


It’s quite unlikely but at the same time, not impossible. As always, a RAID is no substitute for a backup. If you don’t have a backup, something like this is guaranteed to happen!

Recovery: It’s impossible to say since it’s not clear what the issue is in the first place. I would say that if rescue systems didn’t even see the drives, your chances to do it yourself are near zero. Having two drives fail at the same time is a strong indication for external issue like electric or thermal damage. When in doubt, send it to professionals.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kay Int Veen , Answer Author : Sven

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