How to work around a ‘Request timed out’ response?

  • I am in India
  • On ocassion I navigate to the portal of companies I’m affiliated to; these in the US, & Canada
  • As of today afternoon, I’m unable to navigate to the portal of some companies … albeit the website is deployed and can be navigated to from people at third-party locations (outside US, and outside India).
  • Just for reference I executed a ping -t on one company site, and at the same time attempted to open the site in Chrome
    ** Chrome came up with a 500 error
    ** Ping returned a ‘Request timed out’
    ** A colleague at third location reported he was able to both ping, and navigate to the site
    ** My subsequent tracert was got as far as [], and then returned a ‘Request timed out’
  • I tried the same experiment on
    ** Result
    ** Chrome navigated to successfully
    ** Ping returned a ‘Request timed out’
    ** Tracert got as far as [], and then returned a ‘Request timed out’.

I’m flummmoxed.

  • What could be the possible reasons that a browser can navigate to a site, when PING and TRACERT fail?
  • When my colleague is able to navigate to a site over the internet, why should the site return a 500 to me?
  • What can I do to work around this problem? My call to helpdesk went unanswered.
  • Have you ever encountered a similar problem?


Keep in mind that PING & Tracert do not use the same protocols that http does:


So, I could ping a webserver, and a firewall sitting in the middle of the connection disallows ICMP, but allows TCP Port 80 (Default http).


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Josh Brower

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