how to use SSD for streaming videos, while storing on HDDs [closed]

I run a video hosting, youtube like site.
I currently run it with 2x3TB HDDs and they max out at 150mB/s

I`m willing to achieve higher speeds and I think of storing the data on HDDs and streaming them via SSD disk.

How can this be achieved? Can there be multiple backend servers that store data?



This is going to cost you a shedload, but basically, you either need a huge SSD array, or a huge tiered storage array. There’s a bunch of SAN vendors who’ll be able to provide you something to meet your requirements, but basically you need:

Many SATA disks, for storage capacity, fronted by SAS 15k disks, or SAS SSDs, for quick access storage.

All provided over 8Gbit Fibrechannel to your webservers.

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