How to test HA MySQL Database

Recently we have been testing an HA Database solution from a 3rd party provider.
I have done some stress tests to see some metrics for Master & Slave status etc, however I would like to test the actual failover.

I need a way to test the failover or some other way to disable the Master DB but not from the 3rd party’s interface as I cannot guarantee that they dont have checks when you disable the Master.
By the way the database HA solution is on the cloud so server access is not possible.

Any suggestions?

P.S is dba stackexchange a better place to ask?


There are likely several ways to do this.

  • Stop one instance is the obvius thing to do.

  • Block access to mysql (TCP port 3306) at the instance firewall.

  • Set the instance to read only may partially work (SET GLOBAL read_only = ON;)

My preference would always be to just unceremoniously dike one of the nodes out of service.

Source : Link , Question Author : czioutas , Answer Author : user9517

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