How to sort files by “date modified” in Dolphin 15.12.3 in FTP-folder

I searched this question through several sites and boards, but it seems no one asked this way. I know abort “Date” column in “Details view mode”, but it sorting by “date created”, not modified. I also looked under “view” > “adjust view properties” > “additional information”, but there are same plain “date” available. I need more specific files sorting in dolphin, by their date attributes.

So, maybe you can advice me with some plugins\extension for dolphin with such functionality, or refer me to documentation about how to create this plugin, if there are no any. (I’m capable of wring small apps on C++ and pascal)

And please sorry for my English…


While the Dolphin windows is ontop (active), Click on View from the Ubuntu global menu. From there point to Sort by… then click on Date.

The Ubuntu Global menu also has a View mode option. You can select Details from there, and see the items in columns, and click on the Date tab to sort by date from that mode.


Dolphin also has menu items on it’s top screen. You can change views there. The Control button also have Sort and View Mode options.


The default display in Dolphin is the Modification date of the folders and files. Changing this is not an immediate feature of Dolphin’s settings. It can be done via KDE’s System Settings. I can’t find it in Ubuntu’s system settings.

Details for changing/adding display options are described here:
Linux: Changing Date Format in Detailed Display in Dolphin File Manager

Source : Link , Question Author : scadl , Answer Author : L. D. James

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