How to run indicator-remindor at login?

I installed indicator-remindor in my Ubuntu 14.04 LTS system. The program seems to work properly although some warning related to the lack of the ‍/gtk-fallback.css‍ library appear at start up.

Is there any method to run indicator-remindor at login?

  • I tried to use the Startup Application of Ubuntu without any result.
  • I also tried to run a script just containing indicator-remindor as a command, using the .bash_login. Again no results.

Interestingly when the shell is on if I open an xterm and write

source .bash_login 

the indicator-remindor starts!


Finally, I discovered where the problem was. I’m using Cinnamon as a launcher and for some reasons I cannot understand, the startup file indicator-remindor.desktop which is in the ~/.config/autostart directory does not work properly.

I modified this file following that of Alarm Clock:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Alarm Clock

Now all works.

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