how to roll back a kernel ubuntu 16.04

I could not find this easily today so I am putting it here for other people, and myself in 6 months

How do you roll back a kernel in ubuntu LTS 16.04, answered below


do the following steps in order

  1. ssh into the box
  2. sudo su –
  3. count the menu and submenu lines to get to the kernel you want to boot, indexed at 0
  4. edit /etc/default/grub
  5. change GRUB_DEFAULT=0 to GRUB_DEFAULT=”M>N” and save
    • M is menu count
    • N is submenu count, the kernel you want to boot
    • ON 16.04 you start counting N when you get here: submenu ‘Advanced options for Ubuntu’
  6. update-grub
  7. systemctl reboot
  8. ssh in
  9. uname -r to see if you booted to the right kernel
  10. sudo su –
  11. apt-get purge linux-headers-version_to_remove and linux-image-version_to_remove
  12. edit /etc/default/grub and change to: GRUB_DEFAULT=0
  13. systemctl reboot
  14. ssh in and uname -r to see if you are good

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If you do this wrong you may not be able to boot the box, be warned

Source : Link , Question Author : ms4720 , Answer Author : ms4720

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