How to replace NVRAM battery in BlueArc storage?

The RAID/NVRAM battery on a BlueArc Mercury storage host is located in the front of the storage head, and can be replaced without down time. From what I can gather, after battery change, I have to enter its Linux mode, and enter “something”.

Does anyone know what “this something” is?


How to change a battery is not documented in the manuals, as it is normally a task that you pay a certified BlueArc engineer for. So how to do it is not documented in anything that is available to the owner.


You call BlueArc (now Hitachi Data Systems) and book one of their engineers to come and fix your array.

You do have a support contract right? Right?

These things have support because of issues like this.

Incidentally, more for future reference, google keywords, etc. I found the answer after much searching.

The commands you have to run are:

  1. battery-fitted --field --confirm

  2. /etc/init.d/chassis-monitor restart

Source: Page 45-47

Exact Google Search was:

Source : Link , Question Author : Sandra , Answer Author : Tom O’Connor

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