How to PXE boot systems that only have EFI/UEFI firmware (with no BIOS downgrade option)?

I run/work in a heterogeneous environment. The network is mostly run on Windows servers for DNS and DHCP. We use Linux for various other things.

I have some brand new Toshiba Laptops that that will not boot off of PXE boot server, that hosts our OS install media.

Our DHCP and DNS is running on a Windows 2012r2 Server.

Our PXE tftp boot server is running on Ubuntu.

How can I get my Toshiba Laptop to boot?


Firstly, you cannot use the same PXE boot image (generally named pxelinux.0) as with the old BIOS systems. You need a new version, generally named bootx64.efi.

Source : Link , Question Author : David , Answer Author : David

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