How to publish vmware VDI though Citrix Web Interface

I have a VMWARE Lab and CITRIX Lab and they work just fine, But is there a way I could
publish VMWARE VDI Through Citrix Web Interface.
I’ve XENAPP 6.5 and vSphere 5.1 and vmware stuff in place
I’m trying to build a solution where VMWARE VDI could be access via Citrix Web Interface

Thanks in Advance!!!


You will not be able to directly publish VMWare VDI through the Citrix Web Interface.

The only way I could see this work, is if you install and publish the VMware VDI client on XenApp.

You’ll then depend on both systems, in order to access VDI. Accessing your virtual desktop, you’ll also be subject to additional latency, protocol overhead and possibly multimedia quality degradation, from running the VMWare PCoIP protocol inside Citrix ICA/HDX.

Source : Link , Question Author : CrashOverride , Answer Author : abstrask

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