How to launch VMWare Server?

I’m feeling really dumb asking this, but VMWare Server has stumped me.

I’ve installed VWware Server 2.02 on Windows Vista. I want to install XP in a virtual machine.

All instructions start with ‘Launch VMWare and create a new disk image’

I’m completely stumped on what I’m supposed to do to launch VMWare. I don’t have a VMWare app in my start menu (I do have ‘Manage Virtual Networks’ and ‘VMWare Server Home Page’. The latter logs me into a local web site with a username/pwd prompt (I don’t recall setting a username/pwd upon installation).

Within the app folder I have bunch of exe’s…all of which launch a command line script or give me a ‘this should not be invoked directly’ message.

Bad install or (more likely) am I missing the obvious?



You were just like me and zoomed past all the prompts in setup!

I couldn’t work it out at first either but it is quite obvious.

Basically, VMware Server originally came with a client program similar to Workstation, however they have ripped it out and instead now use a web client (which in my view, is rubbish compared to the old client).

navigate to https://localhost:8333 if locally or https://<your_IP>:8333 if remote. (I think Https, if it doesn’t work, remove the s)

Next, type your WINDOWS username and password and it will let you in. The web based control panel basically lets you do everything that you could in the client, just a little slower.

Edit –

Technically you do not “launch” VMware Server, it always runs on your machine… You are just launching the management interface.

Source : Link , Question Author : DA. , Answer Author : William Hilsum

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