How to know the maximum capacity of memory/RAM of a server? [closed]

I have a Dell PowerEdge T410 and have installed 16Gb RAM for it.

I don’t know if I can extend it to 32Gb, 64Gb, … RAM on this server corresponding to my customized configuration

So my question is, how to know exactly the maximum capacity of memory/RAM of a server?

I need this information so as to verify the number by myself.


My server is not exactly the same as the description on Dell website – I indeed modify the configuration to meet my budget. Currently this is my purchased server configuration


The maximum RAM is determined by your CPU and your mainboard. You have to look up the maximum memory capacity of both and the lowest of the numbers is your maximum.


You can choose up to 24GB of RAM if you take the option for a second processor.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nam G VU , Answer Author : Christopher Perrin

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