How to get started with vSphere 6.0 and set up the web client? [closed]

I’ve been tasked with setting up some VMs. I’ve been given some admin details but no further guidance. The server is a fresh install.

My problem is that I’m on Linux/OSX and don’t want to run Windows aside from setting up after which I hope to be able to manage things through the web client.

I think there is an ESXi installation. This would be Version 6. How do I set up the web client?

I’ve installed vSphere Client on a local Windows VM.. not sure what to do with it though.

The documentation is pretty awful and there hasn’t been much useful info on the net. I’m really stuck as I didn’t set these up and haven’t used servers like this before, so I have no context or understanding of the VMWare ecosystem beyond using a virtual machine locally! (even then I’ve preferred Virtualbox)

Any advice would be amazing

p.s accessing https://[ipaddress]/vsphere-client does not work. Produces a blank browser page… with no html served as an error


vSphere 6 and the Web Client can been bootstrapped without a Windows machine nowadays.

Follow the official documentation or any of the online tutorials which walk you through the process.

Pay attention to the sections for “Linux deployment”.

The deployment of VCSA is done by mounting an ISO! Yes. Once you mount
the iso, in the root directory you’ll find a html file called
index.html -:). From there it’s simple and straight forward. Oh wait,
before that you must install VMware Client Integration Plugin which is
located in the vcsa directory.

It’s a simple exe file, (for Windows) but there is also a pkg if
you’re deploying from Linux Workstation. Note that you don’t have to
have any vSphere client installed to deploy the VCSA. There is also
VCSA CLI Installer which is located in the second folder.

Source : Link , Question Author : darkace , Answer Author : ewwhite

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