How to disable sticky corners in Windows 10

It seems Microsoft has tried to solve this problem Multi-monitors and the corners of the screen.

In Windows 7, there is no boundary between monitors and the mouse can move freely across the top of the screen between my 3 monitors, provided I had set their heights equal in display settings. Windows 8 introduced sticky corners. See this question.

Windows 10 got sticky corners as well. There are a few pixels at the top corners of each display where the mouse cannot cross over onto the other display. One must move the cursor down to avoid this region in order to get to the next display.

The image shows roughly the region where mouse movement is not permitted in Windows 10, but is allowed in Windows 7.

enter image description here

Personally, I had no problem with unrestricted mouse movement across the top of my screens – I got used to “aiming” for the x, and the convenience of unrestricted cursor movement. Like all the people who wanted to disable it in W8, I’m wondering if there is a way to disable it in W10.

Edit to address possible duplicate:

Although the problem is identical to the one in this question, solutions to solve the problem in W8 involving editing the registry key MouseCornerClipLength do not work in W10, since that registry key is not present in W10. Also adding that key and setting the value doesn’t work. I searched the entire registry and couldn’t find it in another location. No other W10 keys in the node referenced in the W8 solution are obvious replacements.

Edit to address possible solutions in comments

harrymc’s suggestion 1 and suggestion 2 that worked for for Windows 8.1 do not work in Windows 10.


The thread
How to disable sticky corners in Windows 10?
from treats this same problem :

When moving the mouse from the left monitor to to the top left of the
right monitor the 6 pixel corner will catch your mouse.

I have similar problem in windows 8.1 and changing
MouseCornerClipLength in registry to 0 from 6 and disable Corner
Navigation in Taskbar and Start menu properties helped.

Anyway in Win10 i can’t find MouseCornerClipLength, Corner Navigation
disabled at all and adding same registry keys won’t help.

The answer on June 4, 2015, by a Microsoft Support Engineer named Vijay B was :

We are aware of this issue and it is currently being investigated.
Stay tuned and we will update this thread when additional information
becomes available.

If any other posters experiencing this have not submitted this through
the Windows Feedback App, please do so. This article explains using the Windows Feedback App.

It seems that your only option is currently to wait for a future improvement,
or for some hacker to come up with the right hack.
Adding your voice to the Windows Feedback App might help.

[EDIT1] The open-source application Non Stick Mouse is said to offer
a solution in the case of multiple monitors.
The developer states:

What it does is hop the mouse over the sticking corners, as well as
the screen edges when moving windows. Thus it allows the dragging of
windows through screens without your mouse getting hijacked by the
Snap Assist.

This application does not read or write to any drive, it does not
access the registry or connect to the Internet.

Warning: It has been noted in the comments that
virustotal finds malware in the latest version of “non stick mouse”.


I have found a
that gives a solution for Windows 10 (which I’m unable to test now):

  1. Disable Snap
    In Settings > System > Multitasking, set Snap to Off.

  2. Registry modification
    Create and execute the following .reg file:

     Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
     [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

[EDIT3] Microsoft might have finally disabled this in its
latest versions.

Source : Link , Question Author : djv , Answer Author : harrymc

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