How To Change MS SQL 2008 R2 Hostname? [closed]

I Installed MS SQL 2008 R2 Express And Plesk 11
MS SQL Hostname is “.\MSSQLSERVER2008” Right Now !

I Want Change it to “localhost”

Can U Help Me ?


That’s not the host name, it’s the instance name.

".\" is shorthand for localhost, so you’ve actually got what you want already. The instance name is what comes after the “.\”, in this case MSSQLSERVER2008. So what you’re asking is to change the instance name, leaving you with localhost\localhost which makes no sense.

So to explain further, what you’ve got there is a connection string with the following format

<servername>\<instance name>



For more information on instance names, take a look at this question and answer. If you still want to change the instance name, as far as I know there is no reliable method of doing so without re-installing and picking the right name during the installation process, as discussed in this question and answer on our sister site for database admins.

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