How to assign ip address to machine in ESXi?

I installed ESXi 6 as a main OS on my dedicated server and want to create some machines on it now, but in virtual machine creation wizard I got an error about “Warning – this host does not have suitable virtual machine networks,…”.

So I checked my ESXi configuration/networking and check vSwitch0 and also check network adapters and see I have 2 vmnice (vmnic0 and vmnic1) but on of them is down and other one is used by vSwitch0…

How can I assign IP to my machine and solve this networking problem?


You probably have 2 network adapters on your server. The one that is used by vSwitch0 is the one connected. Don’t worry about the one that is disconnected.
If you take a look at the properties of your vSwicth 0, do you see the default VM Network? Take a look at this screenshot, do you see those 3 items?
VM Network

Source : Link , Question Author : David Vypr , Answer Author : Marc-Antoine Favreau

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