How much a typical web request usage of resources can be? [closed]

I have been making my very first web application, and I am using PHP to develop it.

I can see my VPS being able to flawlessly handle some decent amount of requests, even though it does few SQL queries on every request

I understand this is a very small traffic, how can I measure upon this?

Do I really need similar hardware to run a website with lower volume than StackExchange, yet with a considerable amount of users?

I am basically trying to get an idea on how resource intensive can a request be, and/or how much resources does one need for a specific amount of requests or users. I have entirely no idea.


You seem to totally ignore that Stackexchange sites are not “higher popularity” but millions of times more than you will ever have. A very small number multiplied by some millions still can be large.

On top, “all that hardware” also includes preparing for a total failure. BASIC statistics says you need 3 x your normal load in component to handle disaster – that strikes you while some machines are out for updating. Double redundancy is a standard approach. Which cuts down the hardware to one third already to handle the load.

Source : Link , Question Author : OverCoder , Answer Author : TomTom

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