How do I view a specific date in my Google Chrome history?

I was looking for a specific page and found it in my history search, but I can’t see the entry in the context of how I found the page in the first place. I tried to search by date (the only metadata I have on the page from the search) but the usual formats aren’t working. How can I view a previous date without clicking “Older >” over and over again? Can I jump to a date somehow?


I would recommend that rather than using a third party extension just browse your activity from

You can use the +Filter by date & product option below Search to filter your history by dates and various Google products (see the screenshot below).

Google history search

In prior versions of Chrome, you could also find a link to this history at the top of your Chrome history saying, Your Google Account may have other forms of browsing history at However, this link has been removed in current versions.

Source : Link , Question Author : Wolf , Answer Author : Anaksunaman

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