How do I connect to and access a Cisco router?

I’m a total newbie to Cisco and I have a cisco router on which I have to do some experiments.

  • How can I access this router? Ports available are Ethernet 0/1, Ethernet 0/0, Console, Aux.
    I guess if I plug an ethernet cable from my laptop into console I can have access to it, but then what should I do?

  • Which ones between 0/1 and 0/0 are for incoming and outgoing traffic?

I realize this is all very basic, but I couldn’t find anything by some simple google searches. Do you guys have any pointers I could use?


You can connect to the Console through the console port with a console cable. The Eth ports are just 10/100 Ethernet ports, they support both incoming and outgoing traffic.

Depending on what version of IOS (or PixOS, you don’t mention what model router you have) it’s running you can also access the console via Telnet and SSH.

What you should do after you have console access depends entirely on what you want the router to do (and what device you actually have).

Source : Link , Question Author : Ricky Robinson , Answer Author : Chris S

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