How can I get kernel / early boot output over my NVIDIA GPU using CentOS 7?

I recently installed CentOS 7.7 with KDE on a machine with both onboard graphics and an NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti. I got the proprietary NVIDIA drivers installed, but it was quite difficult as I couldn’t see what was happening during boot up past a certain point.

I changed the default /etc/default/grub to remove rhgb quiet from the command line, and I’d get text output up until a message like “dracut pre-udev hook” (though it wasn’t always the same step). Then I’d get no further updates, just the same unchanging text, until the X server started.

I tried plymouth-set-default-theme details; dracut -f based on a CentOS forum post. It made no detectable difference. I restored rhgb quiet thinking maybe plymouth-set-default-theme wanted those options, and now I only see the very first line of bootup ([0.00000] something about TSC), static, until X starts.

Of course, it “works” now, but I’m hoping I can make it work better. Does anyone know how to get detailed boot output over NVIDIA GPUs with CentOS?


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