How can I figure out the physical location of my cloud server?

I’m renting a linux cloud server at a larger server provider somewhere in the US. I do not have physical access to the server – I have no idea where it is. Customer support wasn’t able to pinpoint the exact datacenter that the server is located in. Given remote access to the server, what options do I have to figure out its location?

I’ve tried whois and traceroute, as well as geoip sites, but they yield drastically different results.


The only way to find out where your data is physically located is to ask your cloud provider. The lesson here is simple: any data and apps you have in the cloud are physically stored on a server located at a data centre or server farm. The space is all yours and physically separate so that others cannot access it.

Source : Link , Question Author : 2080 , Answer Author : Yelleti Priyanka

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