Host a website on your virtual pc and access it on the internet [closed]

My friend and I are talking about hosting a website that is in development, We have a single computer(windows7) and would like to host a website virtually on this computer.

Scenario is:

Main Windows(windows7) – Will be used regularly and normally for coding, browsing, editing stuff.
Virtual Windows(No idea) – Will be used only for the “hosting” using WAMP.

The hosted virtual server would be accessible over the internet or publicly not just on LAN and this settings would run automatically on every boot of the computer. Not really concern about the hosting being up or down since it’s just a test server.

Tried searching and all the search results came back with a “private or LAN” only settings. Any ideas on this guys?


Basic rundown:

Easiest way would be to set your virtualization software so that your virtual machine networking is using bridged mode. That will give it its own IP address.

Now go to your router, poke around in the settings for anything related to NAT or port forwarding. Tell it to forward port 80 from the internet (source) to the IP address of the virtual machine (destination).

You’ll probably have to open port 80 on the virtual Windows firewall too.

You may or may not have to edit something within WAMP to allow external access to the WAMP server; it’s been a while since I had to use it so I don’t remember.

Now anybody on the internet can access your web site via your public IP address (

Source : Link , Question Author : Sha Lala , Answer Author : Ivan

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