GitHub updating repository?

I am trying to setup GitHub on my server and gotten to the point where I am running the command “git push -u origin master”. However, a large file was detected and the following error was received:

remote: error: GH001: Large files detected.
remote: error: Trace: 5520a70fd2eeaa2eafd7de049a590fb5
remote: error: See for more information.
remote: error: File app/logs/dev.log is 2041.59 MB; this exceeds GitHub's file size limit of 100 MB

I ended up deleting that file and tried adding the git again but I keep running into that error. Any ideas on how to work around this?


Did you read the page they linked you to?

You are trying to push ridiculously large log files into that Github repo. Don’t do that! Add *.log or app/logs/* to your .gitignore file and you wont’ have to deal with this again.

Source : Link , Question Author : user1804933 , Answer Author : EEAA

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