FreeBSD and Windows 2008 virtualization on primarily FreeBSD server

I have a FreeBSD machine that I want to also run Windows 2008 on. The machine is currently a file server, which is a role it will need to keep. All of the disks are formatted as BSD FFS and can’t be reformatted. There are two approaches I have in mind, but I’m not sure if either is possible.

1) Install Citrix or similar on the machine on one of the disks, and use FreeBSD and Windows as guest OSes. The FreeBSD OS would need to access all of the other disks directly (which is presumably not possible).

2) Install Windows 2008 under FreeBSD using VirtualBox or similar. Problem is, the FreeBSD machine is headless, and I’d need to be able to admin the Windows server console remotely. It appears that the free version of VirtualBox doesn’t support this.

What are my options?


1) A lot of the hypervisors do support RAW access to disks, so you should be able to convert your existing server into a VM session/instance (plus you may be able to convert the data disks into virtualized disks too as another option).

2) Although the free version of VirtualBox does not included RDP access, you can still enable that or anything similar from within Windows itself.

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