Firewall rules does not apply to pfsense hosted machine [closed]

I am using pfsense as my home firewall and configured multi-wan setup.

In addition, I have installed package ‘Telegraf ‘ package for exporting my pfsense stats into InfluxDB, also in ‘Telegraf’ configuration I have enabled ‘Ping Monitor’ for 4 different hosts.

Grafana stats

Since, all ping packets go through the default gateway and I wanted to create separate rule for each ping hosts to forward them manually.

My goal is to track latency of each gateway/wan so I can complain to my ISP with solid facts lol. Also, I need to track that pings before I play online competitive games, to make sure it does not ruin my game

Firewall rules

But these firewall rules does not work. When I start download from my default (UzonlineGW) gateway, in my Grafana stats I can see that ping to all hosts increase equally.

Also when I traceroute to all 4 hosts from pfsense shell, pfsense uses my default gateway (UzonlineGW).

My first thought was, it might be because pfsense is not in LAN, but I am not sure about that.

What am I doing wrong?


I have asked same question on netgate forum.

Solution is here:

Source : Link , Question Author : JavaMachine , Answer Author : JavaMachine

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