Evolution threads extra lines before signature

I am using html emails with outlook style signature and with every reply in a thread, the signatures for each email gets a few additional lines above it… any ideas?
(the issue is roughly like this)

# initial email
Hello world,

-- # <- signature starts here
from a.
# next reply
Hello back,

from b.
Hello world

-- # <- additional lines above signature.
from a.



You can disable the signature dashes altogether and, if you want, insert them manually into your signature.

You will need a dconf editor, either the graphical one or this:

sudo apt install dconf-cli

Now you can change the setting:

dconf write /org/gnome/evolution/mail/composer-no-signature-delim true

Source: https://geekphreek.com/remove-the-signature-dashes-from-evolution/

Source : Link , Question Author : YHoffman , Answer Author : ericek111

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