Enable Virtualization In Hyper-V [closed]

I need to run OpenStack on Hyper-V for test environments. Where to enable running hypervisor applications on Hyper-V. Help me please.


SImple: YOU DO NOT. Running a hypervisor in a hypervisor is generally not supported – there are some exceptions but those are specific to a product IIRC and come with a performance cost.

High-Performance Hypervisors need special support by the chip and that gets locked by the hypervisor – it is generally not made to support “chains of virtualzation” because they are pretty much not needed in a professional environment.

The only scenarios this may make sense is:

  • Testing a hypervisor (when you develop it) and wanting to do so in an easy to wipe environment
  • Being unprofessionally cheap, i.e. getting a small VPS and trying to run multiple VM’s in it, or something along the line.

Otherwise you have access to the hardware and just run multiple VM’s. The need to run “OpenStack on Hyper-V” is something like “Help my bypass a limitation of my architecture”. It is not a good approach.

Source : Link , Question Author : Nikita Zernov , Answer Author : TomTom

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