Email storage server – NAS or SAN? [closed]

I’m looking for storage server that could store ~34TB (34 SSD disks of 1TB) of emails. I’m thinking about two NAS QNAP storage servers, but I’m not sure if it’s OK to use NAS instead of SAN. Any help?


This is entirely dependent on the software you are using. Exchange, for example, does not support NAS protocols such as NFS or CIFS/SMB for its databases; only SAN and DAS solutions like iSCSI or Fibre Channel.

There is also general confusion about what constitutes NAS and SAN. Many new products are what is called “unified storage”; a combination of NAS and SAN protocols. If you are accessing the storage system as a block-level device (FC, iSCSI, etc), then you are using it as a SAN. If you are accessing it at the file level (NFS, CIFS, etc), then you are using it as a NAS.

Source : Link , Question Author : ServerGeek4000 , Answer Author : Hyppy

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