Email server – redundant, mobile, and secure [duplicate]

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Avoid “reinventing the wheel”…

It’s possible to obtain high-availability mail through less-complication means.

There are some redundancies already built into the SMTP protocol (retries, MX priority, etc.). You can get much of the same protection by using a backup MX that can spool if your primary delivery system is unavailable.

IMAP does what you’re asking in terms of synchronization. Microsoft Exchange MAPI is a little more elegant.

The path of least resistance (and $cost) is probably obtaining an account on a hosted service, for example, hosted Microsoft Exchange available through any number of cloud providers. Let them handle the redundancy. It doesn’t have to be Microsoft. There are plenty of Linux-based mail hosting solutions available, too.


How to make sure that in case of our mail server being unreachable (connection down) mail still gets queued and resent once it’s back up?

How to build a high availability Postfix system?

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