Download all images at distance 2 using Mac OS X

I need to download all the images from a website on my computer. The images are not listed all in one page. Instead I have an index page that links a set of pages (page1.html, page2.html, …) each with many images inside.

DownThemAll of Firefox only downloads the images from a single page.

There is no wget, but still I understand it would download the images from one page. In a sense I need the images at distance 2. Linked to a link from a page.


You can install wget on OS X through Homebrew or MacPorts.*

Then, it’s as simple as:

wget -nd -A jpg,gif -r

* If this is too complicated for you. alternatively there’s a 2008 blog with a prebuilt version, but it might not work in all cases.

Source : Link , Question Author : Pietro Speroni , Answer Author : slhck

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