Does duplicate machine SID cause problems with Remote Desktop?

I am currently working on a Windows 8.1 image for Dell Venue Pro 11 and have been having some issues with generalizing the image with SysPrep.

I am not planning on placing the tablets in a domain, however if you were to login from such a tablet with a non-unique SID to a domain server using remote desktop and another person would do this as well (same SID, same server, different domain account) – could this cause any issues?


Sysprep isn’t needed to prevent duplicate SIDs.

The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that machine SID duplication – having multiple computers with the same machine SID – doesn’t pose any problem, security or otherwise. I took my conclusion to the Windows security and deployment teams and no one could come up with a scenario where two systems with the same machine SID, whether in a Workgroup or a Domain, would cause an issue. At that point the decision to retire NewSID became obvious.

The Machine SID Duplication Myth (and Why Sysprep Matters)

Source : Link , Question Author : Sam Beard , Answer Author : GregL

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