Does dnsmasq require www?

I have 2 Linux servers on my local network:

  1. An Nginx server, running a static website
  2. A newly installed dnsmasq server

The Nginx web server has a static IP and I added it to the /etc/hosts file in the dnsmasq server. nslookup works fine and sees the correct IP address for the web server.
When I try to access the web server using its name, it works from chrome, chromium and MS Edge. It also works from Firefox on Windows. But it fails on Firefox on Linux. I added another row in the hosts file, which is the same name but with www and it seems to help the Firefox on Linux. How come Chromium opens the website without the www but Firefox does not?


Possibly this is a firefox configuration issue.

On your linux machine type in the firefox address bar about:config (press Enter)

Promise to be careful, when asked.

Type in the search bar and look for the preference :
and set its value to false.
Then close and restart Firefox.

Source : Link , Question Author : Matan L. , Answer Author : DerSchnitz

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