Disk is full, but its not? [closed]

I have a disk that has too many small files:


/dev/mapper/mpathc 6056822144 6056822144 0 100% /file3

df -i:

/dev/mapper/mpathc 384589824 12160314 372429510 4% /file3

I need to move small files on same disk like this:

mv /file3/bla/bla/23423/bla/file1.txt /file3/newpath/

But getting error like this:

mv: writing ... No space left on device

Moved some files to other disk (300GB), but df command cannot update. I must have 300GB free disk space, but I can’t use.

I tried lsof command, nothing run on this disk. I tried umount and mount again, there is no change.

What can I do for use this disk spaces?

Thank you


The df and df -i reports are mixed up. The first one is from df -i, the second from df. The df -i report shows that the disk has no more inodes available, so no more files can be created on that disk, despite the df showing that the disk has plenty of space available. Inability to create inodes will cause mv to fail. To do anything on that drive, files will have to be deleted from it, by cping them onto another file system and then rming them from /file3, or similar.

Source : Link , Question Author : onur , Answer Author : HopelessN00b

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