Disable windows 10 volume control

This has got to be the most annoying addition in Windows 10.

Half the time it covers the back button in some browser or bookmark.

What’s worse is when there’s a fullscreen application running. This volume control doesn’t render, but if you click in that general area it will MAX out your volume.

This has happened too many times to count.

Is there a way to disable this popup and reclaim the space that it takes up whenever volume is adjusted?

As an addendum to Windows 10 volume control, is there a way to disable increasing intervals when decrease the volume?

I’ll explain.

If you have your volume at 50. Pressing volume down on your keyboard will decrease it in intervals of 2. So one press = 48, another press = 46.

But with quick taps (pressing the volume down multiple times), it starts changing intervals. It goes from 50 to 48 then all of a sudden it goes to 30 and 20. This hurts my ears way more than if it was just gradual. If there’s a way to disable this too that would be amazing.


Unfortunately, there is no functionality built into Windows 10 to disable it. However, an open source, free utility is available to disable it.


Source : Link , Question Author : Dave Chen , Answer Author : Frank Fanelli

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