Debian Squeeze with RAID 10 [closed]

I’m trying to do a fresh install of Debian Squeeze on a server and set it up with RAID 5, or RAID 10 if possible (4 disks). I’m having difficulty finding detailed instructions on how to do this. I’m hoping that someone could help me out with instructions on setting up RAID on a linux box.


Assuming you want to setup the software RAID. Do a standard install, up to the point where you see the disk partitioning. Choose manual, setup a small partition (1GB) at the start of a drive or two the /boot partition, which cannot be on a RAID5/10. Create partitions for the rest of the space on each drive and set it for RAID usage. From the menu choose the option to configure the raid, then configure the RAID. Once you are done configuring the RAID you should probably setup LVM on top of that so you can easily partition things out as needed.

Source : Link , Question Author : Brett , Answer Author : Zoredache

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