Database Backup using DOS commands or any other useful commands [closed]

I am planning to backup my database files from network drive to one other. Here is my requirement:

  1. All database should be backed up excluding certain file names starting with msdb, model etc.
  2. this backup should be held every day at 1 : 00 AM ?
  3. Remove 2 weeks older files.

I am using SQL server 2012.


Since you said “msdb”, I’ll just assume you’re using Microsoft SQL. Knowing the version would be somewhat helpful.

Do this with either a Windows Scheduled Task or a SQL Maintenance Plan. The latter will be simple and graphical. A SQL Maintenance Plan will be easier because you can simply specify “all user databases”, which excludes the system databases.

The former will involve writing a short BAT file that will have something like

SqlCmd -E -S Server_Name –Q “BACKUP DATABASE [Name_of_Database] TO DISK=’X:PathToBackupLocation[Name_of_Database].bak’”

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You’ll need one line for every database. You’d have to work in old-file pruning yourself, perhaps using something like forfiles.

Now, I hope you’re not here to ask us to write this whole thing for you. If you give it a try and are stuck on something, then post that as a new question. With more details, preferably.

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