Data recovery from deleted raid array

Hello I deleted a raid 1 array on a hp b110i and I wanted to know if it is possible to recover the data. Also if Windows server was on the array that was deleted can it be recovered.



It’s possible to recover the data, provided no other actions have been taken on the array. You could do a few things like taking an image of the individual disks (via Clonezilla/dd/etc.) and keeping that as a fallback…

The common approach is to try to either recreate the array with the same settings/RAID/level/strip size and boot via a recovery CD to extract the data…

Or you can try powering the server off completely and booting with one disk inserted to see if the array metadata is present or recognized. You may have an option to press F2 to try array recovery.

Also see: Accidentally deleted wrong logical drive HP Smart Array P800 controller

But I have to add, the process of deleting a logical drive on HP controllers asks for a double confirmation. What were you trying to do?

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